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Best in Blacks



Tammy & Richard L.

17 September 2006



My husband has known Claude 'Junior' Jarrell for longer than he can remember. He is one of the most kind hearted people that our family has ever known. It is no surprise that the dogs that he breeds are just as good natured as he is.

We adopted (and I use the word 'adopted' because our dogs are like children to us) a solid black male puppy, which we named 'Sampson Sugar-Max,' from Mr. Jarrell in December of 2000. (Sire: 'Max Hedrick'/ Dam: Panthers Sugar Hahn). Sampson immediately bonded with our other puppy (a six month old rat terrier/begael mix named 'Zeus'). They are inseparable. 'Sampson' was obedience trained (on and off lead) and received some basic protection training (although he was naturally very protective of his family and home). He was and continues to be a very quick learner and an extremely alter dog. He is also very affectionate. (He now weighs 115 lbs, but he thinks he is a 5 lbs. lap dog at times.) When Sampson was just over 2 years old we had is hips and elbows X-rayed and the vet advised that he showed no signs of Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) and said that hips an elbow joints looked very good.  (We have chosen not to get and OFA certificate because we have no plans of breeding him.)

We visit Mr. Jerrell and his kennel everytime we are NC to visit our family. On our most recent trip (September 2006) my husband fell in love with a black & tan female puppy (Sire:''Jerry'' Ask vom Siegelgrun / Dam: 'Addeline' (Sorry don't have her AKC full registered name on hand) from 'litter C'; we adopted the puppy and named her 'Shasta' soon to be AKC registered as 'Shasta Caroline'). Shasta was the perfect puppy on our 12 hour car trip home to South Florida. When she was introduced to our other two dogs (Sampson and Zeus) it was almost immediately that she became accepted. Sampson has become her protector and is teaching her to be a well mannered dog. (Although we are still experiencing the things that make one love and hate puppies at the same time, we could not be happier.)

I am inserting a few photos of Sampson and Shasta. I hope that you would post the pictures on the LA Kennels website, as wells as all or part of this correspondence, so that others can see that LA Kennels has a history of breeding healthy, smart and social German Shepherds.

Best wishes,

Tammy & Richard 'Andy' L.




Dustin K

1 April 2006




I first want to thank you for contributing to such a fine line of German Shepherd Dogs.  Throughout the entire process, you have been very helpful and friendly.  As I was specifically looking for a family protection dog which has a more restrictive set of requirements then a family pet dog, you worked with me in making sure I had just the right dog, all the way to taking the entire litter to my trainer in South Carolina for him to test and select the perfect dog for me.


Atticus was born 12/15/2005 and is now spending three weeks in basic obedience training in preparation for protection training.  The trainer has extensive experience in training police, corrections institution and personal/family protection dogs and has just commented to me that he is extremely impressed with the quality of Atticus.  He has said that Atticus has as much 'prey' drive as his three year old Belgian Malinois what has been doing protection work for 2-years and is considered a prized dog to him.


Because of Atticus' extreme level of energy, he has chosen to begin working him in Basic Obedience rather then starting him off with Imprint training.  In just a matter of three-days, Atticus has begun to master the 'Out' command and is doing well with a sit-heel; heel and sit.  Atticus has been crate trained since the second week we had him.


We look forward to breeding him once he is old enough and completes his protection training.  Again, thank you for all you have done in helping me select this fine puppy.


Thank you,

Dustin K


(photos in the Customer Photos gallery)



Bernd & Twyla Vom Dorflein

10 November 2005



Apolagies for not getting the documents to you within the week's time I stated.

I have had to travel extensively the last two weeks.

The puppies, Hunter (red collar) & Garbo (asleep) are doing well.  They are growing and have distintive personalities that make them the ideal companion for our children.


I have contacted some friends in Germany and have gotten a little more information on Neumann's Jim as well as his son, Kerberos Shepherd Oz TC.

I have added a CD for you with the original document of those enclosed.

All you have to do is take them to Kinko's or a copier place that has a PC and they can print as many copies off for you as needed.  I have enclosed a few copies in color.  I feel color adds a little more professionalism to the package.


Best Regards,

Bernd & Twyla Vom Dorflein


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23 May 2006


Mike brought her to us and she is beautiful.  Thanks so much.  Took her to the pet store and bought her a new collar and leash and she took to it with no problem.  I'll keep in touch.  Oh, the lady at the pet store wanted me to sell her to her and I gave her your web site and told her that you had 1 female left.


Thanks so much.  I know she will be a great joy to me.




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25 May 2006


Sasha with her new friend Rambo, And Rosie She has a vet check up Tuesday I am sure it will go fine.She has change so much in the last few days her personialty has come out ,so she can sit, shake , and lay down when told to.  Please let pop see her doing well.

thanks for our new baby, Kathy

(photos in the Customer Photos gallery) Sasha


27 June 2006


I thought you all would like some pictures of Izzy...She is a great dog...She has taken well to the kids.....She weighs 30lbs last time we took her to the vet...I'm betting a good 35 by now...She is getting so big....Thank you so much...She is a great dog.....

(photos in the Customer Photos gallery) Izzy

Jenna & Jeffery S.

19 July 2006


Hi, this is Jenna and Jeffery S.  We bought an all black female back in May.  I just thought you might want to see pictures of her.  She is the prettiest german shepherd I have ever seen.  Wherever we go, people tell us what a good looking dog she is.  She is even tempered and fun to have around.  She hasn't chewed up anything and was house broken by about the third or fourth week with us.

We named her Sam.

Here are some pictures we took about 2 months ago.

Jenna S.

(photos in the Customer Photos gallery) Sam

Bill & Rose R.

07 August 2006


Here is Jake at 7 months.  Thanks Claude, he's great.  I have been very successful so far with his training.  He is extremely intelligent.

(photos in the Customer Photos gallery) Jake


Kathy F.

17 August 2006


Hello, Just wanted to update you on Sasha.  She weighs 58 pounds and is as big as a horse.  She has started her training with the obedience training and learns so easily.  Also included her new pictures with her favorite toys and her pool.  Thanks for a great dog.

thanks, Kathy in N.C.

(photos in the Customer Photos gallery) Sasha