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AT BAUERNHOFFEN KENNELS, WE ARE CONTINUING THE TRADITION OF "BEST IN BLACKS"! It was more than 67 years ago that the Bauernhoffen bloodline of German Shepherd Dogs were first produced by Fredrick & Henrietta Bauer. In 1996, Mrs. Bauer began helping us re-establish the Best in Black solid black Bauernhoffens. She personally selected our first pair of breeding stock and just asked that we provide her with two of the offspring so that she could reestablish the solid blacks in her own kennel.



MRS. BAUER TOLD US THAT WITH THOSE TWO DOGS, we would produce the best blacks available anywhere! Since 2002, we have proudly re-established the Bauernhoffen's Best in Black's!


TODAY, WE ARE BREEDING TWO AKC BLOODLINES.  Both come from excellent German pedigrees. In addition to our Bauernhoffen's which come from the East German (DDR) Grandsire, National Champion Neumann's Jim, SchH III FH , we also have the Siegelgrun which is also from East Germany. .


AFTER SELECTING EDDIE BAUER, MRS. BAUER arranged to get us Bauernhoffen's Sweet Adeline. In her own words, Mrs. Bauer said "with these two dogs, you will produce the finest Bauernhoffen's anywhere". After breeding these two dogs, she asked us to provide her with two of their offspring in order that she restablish her Best in Black breeding stock.


WE CONTINUE TO STRIVE TO PRODUCE beautiful and intelligent German Shepherd Dogs who not only make excellent companions, but are also top quality working dogs and show dogs. Our dogs have a long list of Schutzhund titled AKC sires and dams. All of our dogs are well socialized in our homes and played with daily to enhance the future character and great temperament of our puppies. They all have very large outside runs and spend many nights in our home. We have produced dogs that have gone into service for police departments, narcotics, navy, rescue work, family protection and most importantly, family companionship. One of our dogs is now a nationally awarded top narcotics dog in Omaha, Nebraska. When the handler retired, he was not allowed to take to dog with him to his retirement in Florida. The dog stayed on the force.


WE ARE FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED,  located in High Point, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina.